On-Page SEO Checklist For Plastic Surgeons To Rank #1 On SERP

On-page SEO is a development and design term that refers to optimization tactics implemented across individual pages that benefit the overall SEO of your website. Since Google scans one page of a website at a time, on-page SEO can make a difference in where your page lands in the search results. For plastic surgery websites, on-page SEO can look a little different from other types of websites. The SEO experts at realdrseattle® provide an on-page SEO checklist for plastic surgeons to tank #1 on SERP.

#1: Invest In Good Content

Google likes well written content. Longer, researched blog articles and pages tend to rank higher than content written simply to drive conversions. For a plastic surgery website, it is important to provide value and education to website visitors. In general, this involves describing procedures, answering frequently asked questions, and making a connection with potential patients. At realdrseattle®, our content writers are well versed in the plastic and cosmetic surgery industries. They understand surgery and know how to explain procedures to everyday website visitors. Not only do they make complex ideas easier to understand, but they also customize the content based on your unique surgical techniques.

#2: Create A Strong Internal Linking Structure

When Google scans a web page, the crawlers will follow every link on the page. If there are no links on your web pages, the crawlers will simply get stuck and only scan the provided page. You can mitigate this by adding links to other pages and articles on your website to make sure Google indexes it as much as possible. If your plastic surgery website boasts a strong internal linking structure, Google will recognize a well organized website and rank individual pages higher. This can make the difference for your procedure pages and push them towards the top of the SERP rankings. When designing your plastic surgery website, our web designers and content writers will create pages and content that are rich with links. This makes your pages more Google friendly and therefore more likely to rank higher.

#3: Optimize Your Images

Not only should you include images on as many web pages as possible, but you also need to ensure that these photos do not slow down load speeds. They also should be at the proper resolution for online viewing. Unoptimized images can bog down load times, break, or lag which causes your website to look unprofessional or unmanaged.At realdrseattle®, our website designers will audit your existing website images and optimize any that are not currently optimized. They will also address broken images to maintain a professional look. Next, they will work with you to make sure before and afters and other images appear across the website to better engage web visitors.To learn more about how realdrseattle®’s® team of premier marketing professionals can take your plastic surgery practice to the next level, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online for a free marketing consultation.

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