Lesser Known Optimization Opportunities

Keywords, a good design, and backlinks are commonly known SEO strategies that most companies strive to achieve. However, there are hundreds of thousands of factors that contribute to SEO success and rankings. Here are some of the lesser known optimization opportunities.

#1: Diversify Links

Everyone knows backlinks are important, but you do not necessarily want your links all coming from the same or similar sources. You want some links from social media, websites, YouTube, etc. You and your team can curate this by adding links on your social media, Youtube videos, and more, but it can also be curated via traditional backlink methods.

#2: Infographics

Most people know that photos and videos improve SEO. However, infographics are one of the least known and more effective forms of graphics you can use on your website. It does require a skilled person to make, but infographics catch the eye better, provide information, and ultimately engage your audience better.

#3: Press Releases

Press releases may already be a part of your marketing strategy. However, they can be used more strategically to provide more backlinks to your site and reach a larger audience. Make sure to add links to your releases and make them a regular part of your SEO strategy and schedule.To learn more, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via chat and contact form.

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