How To Use Polls To Engage Your Audience

Polls—when compared to other social media features—are a fairly new addition to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It may seem like these would not be helpful for anything other than collecting information from your followers. And, while polls can absolutely do this, there are more fun ways to add them to your social media strategy to leave a lasting impression and engage your audience.

Firstly, polls are located in different places based on the platform. For example, on Instagram, polls are exclusively on stories whereas on Twitter and Facebook they can also be part of a normal wall post. Starting off, the stories are a good place to include polls. While Instagram stories tend to see less traffic than posts, this helps your account grow by keeping your story active and increasing overall engagement. 

Next, pitch two of your products or services against one another in a popularity contest of sorts. There is little commitment when answering a poll, but it can make an impression. For instance, let’s say you plan to do a giveaway, you can have your followers choose what that giveaway will be. Thus, people are likely to follow your posts and stories more carefully to check to see if their chosen product or service is part of the giveaway.

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