How To Build A Solid Internal Linking Structure

Digital SEO experts often intensely focus on obtaining backlinks from high authority websites. Due to this, building an internal linking structure becomes forgotten. However, internal links are just as important--if not more important--than backlinks. They help prevent orphaned content and contribute to where Google ranks your website.  Let’s explore what internal links are and how to build a solid internal linking structure.First off, what are internal links? Internal links are a link from one page on your website to another page on your website. For example, your breast augmentation page may link to your breast lift page. This allows both users and search engine crawlers to better navigate your website. It also can keep users on your website which may boost your SEO and rankings.So, what happens if you don’t have a strong internal linking structure? The main risk is orphaned content. Orphaned content is essentially a page or blog post on your website that has no other pages linking to it. This means that it is hard for both users and search engines to find. Ultimately, this can hurt your rankings.What’s the best way to rectify this? Make it a rule when building a page to automatically create internal links once the page is live. This means that at least the page will have one to two internal links pointing to it. To learn more and schedule a free consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You may also connect online via chat or contact form.

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