How Many Content Pages Should I Have On My Website?

How Many Content Pages Should I Have On My Website?

Creating a website for your business can be an overwhelming endeavor. There are several decisions to make including the theme colors, what content management system to use, and the main goal of the website. Among these decisions is the number of content pages your website will have. When working with clients, we often hear the question, “How many content pages should I have on my website?

Ultimately, the answer depends on the goal of your website. If you are building an e-commerce website where people can purchase products, you will likely not need too many content pages. An FAQ page, product pages, about page, and home page will likely be the extent of your content. The rest of your site can be focused on the store and actually buying the products.

However, if you run a brick and mortar business that you want people to visit, a more fleshed out content strategy may better serve your needs. There should be content pages for all of your major services at least. Though, there are exceptions and our marketing experts can help you determine what pages are best for starting off. 

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