How Long Does It Take To Come Back From A Google Penalty?

Google penalties are one of the largest setbacks a digital marketer can face. First, they often do not inform you that you have incurred a penalty unless it was particularly egregious. Therefore, it can take some time and a sharp decline in rankings to determine you have faced a Google penalty. So, how long does it take to come back from a Google penalty?

On average, the estimate is that once you notice the penalty and take action to correct it, it can take between ten and thirty days to recover. Though, to fully recover your rankings, it may take sixty to ninety days in some cases. However, the sooner you recognize that you may have gotten a penalty, take steps to fix it, and submit a request to reconsider (if needed), the sooner you will recover.

The best way to prevent a Google penalty is to abide by all of its rules and regulations from the beginning. Sometimes this takes some trial and error, but this generally will not incur a penalty initially. Penalties usually occur only for certain violations (such as those promoting violence or explicit content) or for repeated violations.

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