How Important Are Tags For Blog Posts?

Blog posts are an often overlooked content marketing tool that can help rankings and SEO. When creating a blog post, content management systems often have many organizational and SEO tools. One of these that is commonly seen on WordPress is tags. While tags are vital for social media, do they hold the same importance for blog posts? How important are tags for blog posts?Well, first, blog post tags are typically not as important as social media tags. Tags for blog posts simply act as an organizational tool for users when searching your website. For example, a user wants to find out more about Botox injections, they may search “Botulinum injections” on your website. All blog posts with this tag will then appear.However, tags do not have major importance to SEO. While you should definitely use them to maintain and improve user experience (which does help SEO), if you forget them, it’s not likely going to matter or make a major difference. Therefore, overall, tags have mild importance for blog posts. Though, they are not nearly as important as the content of the blog itself and any included media.To learn more or schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via chat or our contact form.

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