How ChatGPT Can Help Your Digital Marketing

ChatGPT has been the newest trend in digital marketing in 2023. However, it is not without controversy. AI content is generally frowned upon because it is not as user-friendly and stuffs keywords. This does not mean that ChatGPT is entirely useless for digital marketing though. Here’s how ChatGPT can help your digital marketing.

#1: Content Ideas

While ChatGPT is not ideal for writing content, it is a great tool to help generate ideas. Whether it be blog posts or new pages, ChatGPT can help point you toward what is trending. From there, your team can write the content and conduct further research into the topic and keywords.

#2: Customer Service Replies

Many online chat features already rely on AI for at least initial customer screening to send them the necessary information or to the best resource. ChatGPT can help write replies to common queries that you can save as automatic replies or templates to make the chatting process faster, easier, and widdle down simple or unnecessary inquiries.

#3: Generate Code Snippets

If you’re creating a spreadsheet or need some simple HTML commands, ChatGPT can provide these formulas and code templates. This can speed up the process and relieve developers of tedious and simple tasks.

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