History Of Content Marketing

The history of content marketing does not have a definitive start. Since the invention of the printing press, print ads have existed. However, the modern idea of content marketing, branded information and entertainment, is slightly newer. In 1732, Benjamin Franklin created “Poor Richard’s Almanack” to promote his printing business. From here, there are many examples of companies throughout history and the world using content marketing, even before the advent of the internet. Let’s look at a brief history of content marketing.In the 1800s, many businesses and companies created books and magazines including “Scribner’s Magazine” in the publishing industry, Johnson & Johnson’s “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment”, and an Edison Company bulletin to promote the everyday use of electricity. A Paris bookstore even opened a branded reading room.By the 20th century, content marketing continued with print magazines and books. However, it also moved onto the new, popular radio platform. Sear’s and Procter & Gamble both launched radio shows. Content marketing took longer to move into TV, though some product placement in some shows. The 21st century brought the internet. Now, companies have YouTube channels, websites, web tools, and various other forms of media and content. In 2014, the first branded movie, “The Lego Movie” premiered. To learn how you can revolutionize your content marketing, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online using chat or contact form.

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