Here’s How To Test Your Website Speed

With hundreds of Google ranking factors, it is difficult to give equal attention to all of them. The ones that deserve the most attention are those that also affect user experience. The ranking factors which could negatively or positively affect both the algorithm and human visitors generally tend to be the most important. An example of this is website speed. However, website speed will vary based on the user's internet connection, device, etc. Here’s how you can reliably test your website speed.

There are multiple online software options that you can use to test the website speed. It will provide you with essentially an average loading time. You want this to be no more than three seconds. GTmetrix is one of the top tools marketers use to test website speed. Google also has a tool through Google Developer (which is not necessarily friendly for the average digital marketer).

It is recommended that you use multiple tools to test the speed and identify potential issues within the website to fix that can improve site loading speed. Improving website speed can include optimizing photos, parsing code, and addressing design elements.

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