Grow Your Practice With These Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

Plastic surgery marketing is constantly evolving and changing. With the internet revolutionizing marketing in the past decades, plastic surgeons now find that online marketing is more effective and profitable than traditional marketing methods. There are a few ways that you can improve your online marketing presence to grow your practice.

#1: Blog Regularly

Nearly every website has a blog. Most content management systems and website hosts also make it easy to add blogs to your website. Blogs are a powerful SEO tool that often ends up ignored by plastic surgery practices. However, blogs can educate and gain authority with both website visitors and search engines.Blogs allow plastic surgery practices to target more niche keywords, or “long tail keywords”. These are keywords that contain full phrases or more than two or three words. If well written informative blogs are created targeting low to medium volume keywords, it is likely that the website will begin to rank for these keywords. If your plastic surgery website can rank for these long tail keywords, Google will begin to recognize this and push your website higher for higher volume keywords.Plastic surgeons often do not have time to create these blog posts themselves. At realdrseattle®, our content writers can craft informative blog posts for your website and Google My Business page cater to your practice and location.

#2: Try Social Media PPC Ads

Many plastic surgeons already take advantage of Google PPC and search engine PPC ads. These ads display at the top of the search results and the advertiser is charged when someone clicks on the ad. PPC ads can generate many viable leads because they are often displayed for specifically chosen keywords. This means the people seeing the ads likely already want or have an interest in plastic surgery.Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have all begun to take advantage of the Pay-Per-Click model. Ads created on these platforms are often more cost effective and can turn a better ROI than traditional PPC advertising.Creating these social media PPC ads does take more time than search engine PPC because graphics are typically involved. At realdrseattle®, our designers can create attractive ads to drive traffic and conversions to your website.Along with more cost effective clicks, social media allows for more specific targeting such as by occupation, interests, and those who like certain pages. Our PPC experts will identify the populations most likely to seek out your plastic surgery practice and get your social media ads in front of them.

#3: Seek Out The Plastic Surgery Marketing Experts

Marketing, search engine optimization, and online advertising are continuously evolving fields. Plastic surgeons simply do not have the time to manage all aspects of their online marketing, and they should not have to. realdrseattle® is a plastic surgery marketing company that performs and manages all aspects of online marketing.Our team of dedicated marketing professionals can grow your practice using the best plastic surgery marketing strategies. From SEO services, content marketing, and PPC ad creation, realdrseattle® can handle your plastic surgery marketing and get your practice to page one on Google.Call us at 206-787-0784 or contact us online to start optimizing your online presence today.

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