Effective Local SEO When You Have Multiple Locations

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website not only for specific keywords, but for localized keywords. This could include a city, neighborhood, state, or country. But, how do you run a local SEO strategy when you have multiple locations? The answer can be complicated and depends on certain factors such as your industry, distance between locations, and current SEO strategy. Let’s look at how to run effective local SEO when you have multiple locations.First, it is good to go through your current SEO efforts. Are you optimized at all? Make sure you have a solid SEO and keyword strategy in place first. From there, choose keywords that may apply to both locations such as state or county name. You can also get more specific and optimize for both city names. If your locations are too far apart to have commonalities, such as they are in two different states, you may consider creating separate websites for each location.Next, make sure that you have well written, informative content on your website. On average, longer content does better. However, if your content only contains fluff and no real information or anything valuable to website visitors, Google will eventually discover this. Using a mix of localized keywords and placing location tags in your titles and headings can help increase your local SEO rankings for multiple locations. There are many other facets of local SEO affected by having multiple locations. To learn more and find out how to improve your rankings, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online to schedule a free marketing consultation.

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