Does Word Count Matter For SEO?

Does Word Count Matter For SEO?

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Many SEO sources have tried to pin down the ideal word count for web content including blogs, web pages, and other content. However, how much does word count actually factor into ranking? Our SEO and content experts looked into the question, “Does word count matter for SEO?”

Google executives have frequently confirmed that word count is not a ranking factor. However, this does not mean having any content or little content does not matter. Instead of focusing on a specific number of words on the page, focus on creating high quality content that your users will find informative and helpful.

Ultimately, Google values quality over quantity. This is why you see both 200-word blog posts and 2,000-word web pages within the same search results. As long as you are creating good content, it will rank. Also, make sure you do not target already saturated keywords or those that are too broad.

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