Does Domain Name Matter For Ranking?

Your domain name—also known as the URL that will take people to your site—is likely something you put a lot of thought into. Perhaps your first choice was taken or extremely expensive or you wanted something catchy. Regardless, when considering SEO, “Does domain name matter for ranking?”

Overall, your domain name has little direct impact on your rankings. However, aspects of your domain name can still affect your SEO. For example, if your domain name is extremely easy to remember, more people may type it and go directly to your website. This is great for SEO and does not rely on ads or organic traffic (though you will still need these to make the consumer aware of your site).

Using keywords in your URLs is not necessary and is much less important than having well-written, keyword-rich content, but does not hurt to include them. If you do, make sure that your URL does not become too long and that it still matches your brand. This is easy to do for pages versus the actual domain name. For example, is an example of how keywords can be included without ruining the branding of the main domain.

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