Cosmetic Surgery Marketing: Why Is Content Marketing Important For Cosmetic Surgeons?

SEO experts speculate that Google will place a larger importance on website content in 2021. While the algorithm already favors websites with well written and informative content, the focus will shift to how well the content serves website visitors. This is known as content marketing. Why is content marketing important for cosmetic surgeons? Similarly to how a magazine article can shed light on a celebrity’s career or an up and coming beauty trend, cosmetic surgery websites can bridge the gap between education and conversions.The average visitor to a cosmetic surgery website is latently researching procedures and surgeons. Often, they are not ready to book surgery or even a consultation. In general, it takes five to six interactions with a potential patient for them to convert. This can include email campaigns, social media interactions, phone calls, and website visits. One of the first is often on your practice’s website. Instead of taking a step back and letting your website exist as a funnel for conversions, taking the time to answer the questions website visitors have can make a good first impression. If potential patients view your website as a wealth of knowledge, they are more likely to trust you with their surgery.To find out more about how content marketing can bring in more conversions, call realdrseattle® at 206-787-0784. You can also connect with us online via our contact page.

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