Benefits Of Personalized Email Marketing

Personalized email marketing is becoming more important when it comes to general email marketing and content marketing overall. There are several benefits of personalizing your email marketing and many of these customizations can now be automated. Here are some benefits of personalized email marketing.

#1: Less Likely To Be Sent To Spam

Spam filters frequently use the way an email is addressed to help determine if an email is spam or not. Thus, simply addressing the email to the name of the person (if on file) can dramatically reduce the changes of the email being sent to spam.

#2: Allows You To Send More Relevant Content

With demographic information, you can send emails to select segments of your customer or lead base. Thus, this lets you target people more selectively and makes it more likely that they will convert.

#3: More Likely To Be Opened

The fact that personalized emails tend to have higher open rates probably has to do with multiple factors such as the emails not being sent to spam as often, a more eye-catching opening, and the feeling of more connectedness between the opener and the company or brand. However, personalized email campaigns are opened much more frequently than uncustomized counterparts.

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