Are Blogs Still Relevant?

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Blogs seemed to have their heyday in the first decade of frequent internet usage, particularly in the early to mid-2000s. Entire websites dedicated to blogs became popular like influencers today. However, with newer and more accessible ways to influence, this style of blogging—while it does still exist—does not carry the same popularity. With that said, most websites still have blogs. Why? Are blogs still relevant?

To an extent, yes, blogs are still relevant. On a content heavy website, blogs can help retain web visitors because they are smaller and often more specific. This can allow them to rank for more niche keywords than larger articles. People still read articles online every day and your blog can help supplement this reading if done correctly.

Still, blogs largely carry an SEO advantage over a customer one. It can help you target the more specific and harder-to-capture keywords in a more generalized webpage. They also allow you to easily make business announcements without taking up too much space on your site.

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