AI Advertising: How It Works & Should You Use It?

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, is becoming more and more relevant to digital marketing. From AI content to chats, it is becoming both a trend and a necessity. One area AI is also beginning to become useful is online advertising. Let’s look at how AI advertising works and whether it could be beneficial for your business.

#1: Ads Content

AI can help marketers create ads by providing various headlines and content snippets. Marketers can choose the best ones and edit them as needed. This can save advertisers time when creating their ads. Additionally, certain ads are completely AI generated. After inputting basic information, it will create and show the ads and learn from the interactions.

#2: Audience Filters

AI can be used to identify the people and search terms that are the most effective in terms of generating ad clicks and conversions. The AI can then begin to invest more in these areas and dedicate less of your budget to the less successful audiences and terms. It will gradually reduce how much the ads show in these areas.

#3: Automate Conversions

Once someone has clicked on your ads, AI can help convert them. Your landing page could use AI to engage the user or an AI chatbot can answer their questions and obtain contact information. 

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