Adapting Online Trends To Your Social Media Strategy

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Online trends are some of the most powerful influences on modern culture. Thus, they have also become an important part of marketing. The most successful marketers are aware of and take advantage of online trends, particularly on social media. Here are two tips for adapting online trends to your social media strategy.

#1: Make & Repurpose TikTok Videos

Many of the biggest online trends come from TikTok. Often, they are short audio snippets or skits that marketers can use creatively to promote their brand. The videos should not be commercials but can work to make people interested in your product or services. Often, you can use these videos off of TikTok in advertising such as on Instagram or Facebook.

#2: Be Active On Social Media

Simply having a basic social media presence will mean you cannot avoid all of the trends and can help you earn some organic attention. Also, in order to advertise on social media, you must have an account and/or page. This is the easiest way to take advantage of online trends. Being active, posting on your story, and interacting with others all help you build your social media presence.

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