“Above The Fold”: What It Means In Web Design & SEO

“Above The Fold”: What It Means In Web Design & SEO

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When conversing with web designers and SEO professionals, you may hear the term “above the fold” used in relation to a web page. What does “above the fold” mean and is it important for SEO? Our marketing experts answer.

“Above the fold” usually refers to what is seen on the page without needing to scroll. This content is the most important for your website and should include the most basic and important information for the page. Also, including photos or videos above the fold can help increase engagement and lower bounce rate.

This is even more important for landing pages of ads. The page needs to immediately capture the attention of the potential customer and be easy to find information. While in a simple sense, it does not affect the basics of SEO, Google takes into consideration a page’s bounce rare. This is what makes your above the fold content especially important for SEO.

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