A Guide To LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is not a traditional social media because it is focused more on networking and professional growth. However, it does also offer advertising options. Within the plastic surgery and medical spa marketing communities, the advertising opportunities are certainly narrower than on other platforms. 

The first thing to ensure before trying to advertise on LinkedIn is to ensure that you have an active business page. This is simple to set up and you can crosspost your social media and blog posts onto it. Not only does this help you grow your business and find prospective employees, but it also gives you access to ads.

The ads you may run on LinkedIn will likely not be the ones you run on other platforms. You can run ads for job postings or you may advertise certain deals. You may have to get creative when running these ads. However, LinkedIn ads do offer a unique way to diversify your ads and reach a completely different audience.

Generally, our PPC experts would not recommend running LinkedIn ads immediately or spending much of your budget on it at first. But, if you see good results, you may consider increasing the budget.

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