5 Ways To Earn More Followers On Instagram In 2023

As we go into 2023, social media is bigger than ever. As a business, maintaining and continuously improving your social media is one of the best things you can do for your marketing. Here are 5 ways to earn more followers on Instagram in 2023.

#1: Update Your Link In Bio

Instagram only allows you to put one link in your bio, but with tools like LinkTree, you can now include several links in your bio. This lets you link all of your social media together which can help you earn more followers on multiple platforms.

#2: Start Making Reels

If you’re already on TikTok, crossposting the videos to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts will almost certainly earn you followers. Short video is taking over all social media and thus taking part in it will help build your presence.

#3: Diversify Your Posts

Instead of always posting the same thing, try switching up what you post. For example, post a good mix of photos, videos, quotes, personal posts, contests, etc.

#4: Promote Your Socials In Office

It may seem old school to promote your social media accounts in-office. However, the people who actually come into your office are much more likely to follow you than someone discovering you for the first time. Make business cards, flyers, etc.

#5: Do Not Buy Followers

It is tempting to buy fake followers to try and gain authority. However, this will ultimately hurt your account in the long run.

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