5 Places To Share Your Content Online

Your website is not the only place you can (or should) share your written content. Whether it be linking back to your website or placing your content elsewhere, here are five places to share your content online.

#1: LinkedIn

Sharing your written content on LinkedIn can help you earn authority as a business. Additionally, if you ever need to hire or are putting on a specialized event, LinkedIn is a great place to advertise.

#2: Facebook

Out of all of the social media platforms, Facebook supports written content the best (at least in longer forms). Whether you post a link to your blog or specialized content, Facebook can help you reach your audience directly.

#3: Medium

An elevated blogging platform, many businesses now also use Medium to post content. Often, these will be longer than your website blogs and you can even take a more educational or academic approach than you may otherwise. You can, of course, also add a link back to your website.

#4: Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where you can use your expertise and earn links. While you will mainly be replying to answers, it is a good way to get written content out there. It also can rank surprisingly well for extremely specific questions.

#5: Email Campaigns

Your email campaigns is another amazing way to share content. It can catch your patient’s attention and may even help those who have not yet fully converted to do so.

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