3 Ways To Optimize Your Checkout Page

When running an e-commerce website, your checkout page may be one of the simplest. It will not contain much content and primarily is a form. However, there are still optimizations you can make to help make it more user-friendly as well as work better for SEO. Here are three ways to optimize your checkout page.

#1: Add Tracking Script

Google Ads provides a tracking script that you can place in the header of your website to help track who comes from a Google ad and completes a purchase. The script will likely carry over to your checkout page, but you will want to make sure it is also placed on the thank you page so that it does not get lost in the tracking process.

#2: Offer Multiple Checkout Methods

Obviously, if making a purchase online, it will need to be completed by card or similar means. However, instead of only adding card information to the form, integrate with online merchant services like PayPal. It often allows purchases to go through quicker and can help people have an all around better experience.

#3: Ensure Quick Loading Speed

Nothing will make you lose a sale faster than a checkout page that loads slowly. It does not matter if they added it to their cart or not, a customer is much more likely to abandon their purchase if the page does not load quickly. Improve page speed of both the checkout page and the entire website.

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