3 Ways To Optimize For Featured Snippets

3 Ways To Optimize For Featured Snippets

In Google search results, some results will appear larger than others with the information provided at the top. It is common for users to use the information found in these snippets without even clicking on the site. However, many will click on the site for more detailed information. Known as “featured snippets” this is a powerful way to get traffic and promote your business. Here are 3 ways to optimize for featured snippets.

#1: Answer Frequently Searched Questions

Google your keywords and identify commonly searched questions. These can appear in both autofill and the drop down menu. Answering these questions well and providing more insight than your competitors in your content may help you achieve a featured snippet.

#2: Write Short Paragraphs

Having long content is good overall for SEO, but for featured snippets, using shorter paragraphs allows for the entire paragraph to appear within the search results. This looks cleaner. However, long paragraphs may lead to more clicks in some cases, shorter paragraphs are usually more likely to get the snippet in the first place.

#3: Target Multiple Keywords

Instead of answering frequently asked questions for the same two keywords, search multiple versions to find multiple featured snippet opportunities. There are also various tools you can use to find more keywords and frequently asked questions.

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