3 Ways To Make Content More Mobile Friendly

3 Ways To Make Content More Mobile Friendly

Mobile use has skyrocketed in the last decade and accounts for the majority of web searches now. Therefore, it is important to make sure that not only your website, but your content is mobile friendly. Here are 3 ways to make content more mobile friendly.

#1: Write Shorter Paragraphs

Longer paragraphs may look fine on a computer with paragraph breaks being visible on screen at almost all times. However, on mobile, long paragraphs can become a chore to read and look like more text than it truly is. Shortening paragraphs and having more frequent paragraph breaks makes it easier and more inviting to read on mobile.

#2: Bullet Points

Bullet point lists are good for SEO, but they also are better for reading on mobile. Not only does this allow for quicker and easier reading, but it also allows for fast-paced mobile searchers to find the information they want quickly. Providing highlights via a bulleted list can also be helpful for mobile readers.

#3: Keep It Concise

Ideal web content should be lengthy. However, it should not include unnecessary words, repeat itself, or be generally wordy. Making sure to keep each section on topic and concise makes the content more engaging and easy to read for mobile readers.

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