3 Ways To Improve Keyword Rankings On Google

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Where your website ranks on Google for certain keywords is important for your overall SEO. If you rank low, you will see less traffic and conversions. Comparatively, if you are one of the top results, you will see more traffic and results. Here are 3 ways to improve keyword rankings on Google.

#1: Target Local Keywords

Generalized keywords within your market are likely going to be much harder to rank for than more specific ones. The best way to try and rank for generalized keywords is to rank for as many more specific keywords as possible. A good way to do this is to optimize for localized keywords such as “tummy tuck Kansas City” and other similar ones.

#2: Target FAQs

Frequently asked questions are another example of long tail keywords you can target. Especially in the plastic and cosmetic surgery industries, people want to research before committing to the service. Answering frequently asked questions can help you rank higher for queries that people are actually searching.

#3: Invest In Good Content

The key to ranking is to have well written, optimized content. As long as you write content that is actually informative and meets basic grammar standards, you likely will see better organic SEO.

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