3 Ways To Get More Reviews

3 Ways To Get More Reviews

Online reviews have become vital not just for your reputation but also for your SEO. Google takes online reviews—particularly from their own reviews platform—into account when determining Google rankings. Getting reviews can be difficult, but there are ethical and effective ways to garner them. Here are 3 ways to get more reviews.

#1: Email & Text Reminders

Following an appointment, sending out a text or email asking for a review can help those who had an exceptional experience to leave a review. You can also prevent bad reviews by having patients respond with a rating and then receive different prompts based on the response they provided.

#2: Ask

In the office, if a patient seems particularly happy, it does not hurt to ask them to leave a review. This is especially helpful for people just starting out and due to this, consumers are often more likely to provide a review to help out the business. Of course, you do not want to ask every person, but learning to identify happy patients and customers can help you get more reviews.

#3: Maintain Your Google My Business Page

Since the place to leave Google reviews is associated with the Google My Business page, making sure that you have both claimed and actively maintain the page makes it easier for people to find the page in the first place. It also helps build authority and will only further promote your business and reviews.

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