3 Ways To Better Reach Your Target Audience

3 Ways To Better Reach Your Target AudienceReaching your target audience via ads, organic searches, and your content is the backbone of all good marketing strategies. While you should market beyond your target audience, the majority of your marketing materials should be focused on your target audience. Here are 3 ways to better reach your target audience.#1: Talk Like They DoFirst off, consider the way your target audience speaks and interacts with each other. Is your target audience doctors or college professors? Perhaps you might use some more jargon and advanced language that they recognize and use in their everyday lives. Conversely, is your audience people who have a high school education or make below a certain income? Keep your language at that level and maybe even use some slang (as long as you do so correctly). This will help you better find and connect with your target audience.#2: Geogtarget AdsIf you are a business with a brick and mortar, your target audience may be confined to a specific area. In this case, you may use geotargeting for your online advertising. Facebook, Instagram, and Google all allow for some sort of geotargeting. This narrows who sees your ads to those most likely to visit based upon their geographic location.#3: Encourage ReferralsDigital marketing may have taken over, but word of mouth marketing is not dead. Offer discounts and deals for existing customers and clients for referring their friends and family. This can also be done via social media or online, using an old form of advertising on a new platform.To learn more, call us or reach out online via phone at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via contact form or chat.

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