3 Ways COVID-19 Changed Digital Marketing

COVID-19 had an obvious and permanent impact on the digital marketing industry. It helped solidify digital marketing techniques as legitimate ways to reach potential consumers. Here are 3 ways COVID-19 changed digital marketing forever.

#1: Unexpected Growth

Most businesses and the economy in general saw declines, especially at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, digital marketing, like many online based businesses, saw unprecedented growth. More businesses began to invest in digital forms of marketing and shift to more online based selling and advertising.

#2: Social Media Boom

Like digital marketing, social media was an industry that saw growth during COVID-19. This also included advertising on these platforms. Visual advertising online became more important and effective during the pandemic. With more people spending more time on social media, ads had to be more eye-catching and the competition for these slots became tighter.

#3: Better Communication

Online communication through video calls, social media, and other methods became more important during the pandemic and integral to businesses continuing to work. Therefore, Skype, Zoom, and various social media platforms had to adapt to make their tools better and more effective for both business and personal use. While many agencies are going back into offices, this looks to be a portion of development that is going to stick around.

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