3 Types Of Paid Media

Paid advertising and media have expanded significantly in the last few decades. Whether you have been in business two months or twenty years, there are challenges to entering and understanding these advertising options. Let’s review the 3 types of paid media and how they can benefit your business.

#1: Search Engine Ads

For most advertisers, search engine ads are equivalent to Google Ads. However, it can also include ads on Bing and Yahoo as well. These ads show up within search results in some form such as the traditional text search results. However, this can include display ads of which appear on websites made via these search engines. Search engine ads are a lucrative advertising tactic that all businesses should take advantage of.

#2: Social Media Ads

Like search engine ads, social media ads appear within the timeline and other regular activities users of these platforms perform. The one major difference between these ads and search ads is that social media ads focus more on visual and video content instead of only text. Most social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok offer social media advertising.

#3: Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising refers to newspaper ads, billboards, and other “real world” forms of advertising that do not rely on an internet connection. This form of advertising is not entirely dead, especially because TV commercials are also included in this category. While this should not take up your entire budget, it is important to occasionally invest in.

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