3 Tips For Writing Effective Ad Copy

Creating Pay-Per-Click ads is no easy feat. From getting the targeting just right to choosing a budget, there are many decisions to make regarding PPC advertising. This is why many companies and businesses choose to outsource their online advertising. However, something that often gets overlooked is the ad copy itself. It may seem simple to write ads, but for many agencies who perform PPC services, like realdrseattle®, the copy often takes the longest and most research. Here are our top 3 tips for writing effective ad copy.

#1: Identify The Objective

Ads need to understand what their target audience is looking for. In the case of a medical spa, they may run an ad for laser hair removal that reads something like, “Laser Hair Removal Only $100.” While there’s not necessarily anything wrong with this statement when it comes to ads, the copy itself could be stronger. Think about what the average person searching for laser hair removal wants and add that to your ad copy. For example, “Remove Unwanted Hair Today | Laser Hair Removal Starting At Only $100.” This latches onto the motivation of the consumer and makes it more likely that they will click on your ad and ultimately book.

#2: Be Transparent

Do not be afraid to be upfront about your prices or other aspects of the procedure or service. Today’s patients and consumers appreciate transparency and are usually looking for pricing information first and foremost. Therefore, providing this information when other ads do not go a long way in obtaining authority and trust.

#3: Frontload Your Best Copy

Google Ads provides many opportunities to write ad copy with up to three headlines and two descriptions. However, not all devices can accommodate so much copy. So, yes, while you should write all three headlines and both descriptions, not all of that content will show up on smaller devices such as phones. Therefore, place your strongest copy and most important points in the first two headlines and first description. This ensures the best copy and benefits get highlighted across all devices.To schedule a free marketing consultation with realdrseattle®, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online through chat or contact form.

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