3 Tips For Fact Checking Your Content

3 Tips For Fact Checking Your Content

When writing website content, it is likely that you will need to conduct some basic research, especially if you are a content writer within a specialized field. However, like with any research endeavor on the internet, it is important to ensure you are putting factual and quality content out there. If you are not, this could eventually hurt your credibility. Here are 3 tips for fact-checking your content.

#1: Use Multiple Sources

When researching a topic, it becomes clear what is reliable information based on what information is featured in multiple sources. However, this is not always the case, you should make sure that you find the information in multiple, reputable sources.

#2: Search Using Google Scholar

If you are extremely unsure about a particular piece of information or need scholarly articles and research, you can use Google Scholar to find and search through hundreds of research articles, peer-reviewed studies, and reliable sources. This is a great way to get to the heart of the information quickly.

#3: Link Your Sources

Linking to your sources has several benefits. First, it provides an external link, which can help your SEO and potentially earn you a link back. It also makes it easier to monitor the source. For example, if the source is removed or becomes unreliable, this will result in a broken link or a low authority score. At this point, you can then disavow the link and update the content as necessary.

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