3 Tips For Diversifying Your Content Strategy

Content is the backbone of your marketing strategy. Without content, you will not likely reach anyone and those you do reach will not be nearly as engaged. While minimal content is okay in some industries, others will benefit from having more, in-depth content. But, doesn’t written content get boring? Do I need to host content elsewhere? Let’s look at 3 tips for diversifying your content strategy.

#1: Identify An Angle

Outside of your cornerstone content, creating specially curated content will allow you to fully address a topic in multiple pages and blog articles. Not only is this good for SEO, but it can help answer patient questions more succinctly. 

#2: Embrace All Forms Of Content

Content goes beyond the written word on your website. Pages with videos and other forms of content do much better in the rankings than websites with only words. Ideally, you should embrace a strategy where words, video, images, graphics, and more are all included on your pages.

#3: Write Elsewhere

Whether it be a free writing platform like Medium, or guest posting, getting your content out there in ways that do not include your website is almost always a good thing. Be sure that the website you guest post for is reputable and has good authority.

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