3 Tips For Better Website Content In 2023

With a new year upon us, there are a wealth of new SEO strategies out there, including when it comes to content. As always, content remains king. Here are three tips for better website content in 2023.

#1: Quality Over Optimization/Quantity

It is easy to push out several highly optimized articles every week. However, these tend to lack the quality and substance that people visiting your website are looking for. Search terms are often not full sentences and do not make grammatical sense. While you may be able to work a few into the content naturally, doing it too much or trying too hard will have people bouncing away from your page. Over time, it can also cause your website to lose authority and move down the rankings when Google catches on.

#2: Don’t Be Too Formal

Even if you are providing educational content, your blog, especially, should take on a more approachable and casual tone. That isn’t to say you should not be professional, but making it sound like a term paper is off-putting for people just trying to learn about the procedures you offer and understand them from their point of view.

#3: Use Tools Wisely

Many AI writing tools have become well-known lately. These can be helpful if used correctly. You should not rely on them and use them for helping to rephrase complicated sentences, to help optimize, or to give you an outline or ideas.

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