3 Things To Implement NOW For Accessibility

Online accessibility has not only become important in a societal sense, but Google now also now considers accessibility a ranking factor. The exact weight it carries when it comes to determining rankings is unknown, but it is something that you can control and ultimately will only improve your website design. Here are three things to implement now for accessibility.

#1: Write Alt Text

Alt text—or alternative text—offers voice readers and other tools for the visually impaired a good description of the images on the website. Additionally, alternative text is generally good for SEO and ensures that your images are well-categorized.

#2: Use Multiple Types Of Content

This standard is considered among the bare minimum now and often not even brought up in accessibility conversations. This is because people enjoy consuming different types of content. However, for people with certain disabilities, it is important to have written, video, and visual content. Certain interactive content is also accessibility friendly.

#3: Avoid Blinking & Flashing Elements

Quick blinking or flashing elements—while eyecatching—can cause seizures, headaches, and generally make it difficult for people with disabilities to interact with your website. Eliminate these elements. If you want to make something stand out, there are other, more accessible ways to make that happen.

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