3 Surprising SEO Facts

3 Surprising SEO Facts

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. SEO experts constantly have to learn new strategies and change their own. Therefore, there are many facts that surprise SEO beginners and experts alike. Here are 3 surprising SEO facts.

#1: Videos Double Your Chance Of Ranking

Most people within the SEO sphere know that videos can help SEO. However, many do not realize how much they actually boost your website up the rankings. Every since Google acquired YouTube, embedding YouTube videos onto your site became easier and more lucrative for your ranking factors. Estimates show that embedding a YouTube video on your website can double your chances of ranking on page one.

#2: Web Searchers Prefer Organic Results Over PPC

Pay-Per-Click ads are important for driving traffic to your website and converting leads into customers. However, many people are now wary of ads and can identify them. Additionally, those who rank well organically tend to better answer the lead’s questions and engage them better than those who click on the first ad. You should not ignore SEO in favor of PPC. Both should work together.

#3: Google Updates Their Algorithm 500-600 Times Per Year

It may seem like major Google algorithm updates happen at most once a year. This isn’t far off. However, smaller updates are happening nearly every day, which can cause SEO to change within a period of just a few weeks. Most of these updates are not publicized and therefore, SEO remains largely trial and error.

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