3 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem like a smaller market considering you must need the person’s email address and thus have already collected them as a lead. However, working with your existing leads and patients is one of the most important marketing and SEO strategies you can take on. Here are three reasons to use email marketing.

#1: More Likely To Convert

People who have interacted with your practice in some way—whether they clicked on an ad or are an existing patient—are more likely to schedule than people brand new to your practice. Additionally, you know the people receiving your email are interested in the services you offer. This makes them more likely to respond to your marketing messages than others.

#2: Elicit Engagement

Email marketing can also help you garner important information about your patients and audience base. You can send out surveys and other ways to collect information that can help you better target new leads. This may also get existing patients to come back, especially if you offer an incentive for engaging.

#3: It’s Less Expensive

Even if you have several thousand emails and pay for an email marketing host, the overall investment is usually less because you are not having to pay per email sent. With a higher ROI than other forms of marketing, it tends to be lucrative for most businesses.

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