3 Places People Search That Aren’t A Search Engine

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With so many social media platforms and other online spaces where people get information, web searchers do not only search for information and products on search engines anymore. Here are 3 places people search that aren’t a search engine.

#1: Amazon

One of the internet’s top online marketplaces, Amazon is often one of the first places people go to look for products. From furniture to books to clothing, Amazon has it all and makes it easy to find multiple options for what you want. Therefore, many people skip over the Google search and go straight to Amazon.

#2: TikTok

In the past year, TikTok became the most popular place for people to enter search queries, technically the most popular search engine. However, TikTok is purely a video platform, but people can find information and products to buy via video content. More and more people are using TikTok as a search engine to inform their purchases.

#3: YouTube

Another video platform, YouTube became so popular that it is now affiliated with Google. People go to YouTube to find everything from product reviews to informational content. YouTube caters to longer form videos than TikTok which does allow it to better cater to some forms of search intent.

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