3 Optimizations To Make For Local SEO In 2022

3 Optimizations To Make For Local SEO In 2022

Local SEO is integral to running a successful business and online marketing campaigns. Optimizing your local SEO in 2022 is a great way to improve your Pay-Per-Click advertising. Here are 3 optimizations to make for local SEO in 2022.

#1: List (Or Update) Your Business On Directories

Online directories–whether localized or not–function as the new Yellow Pages. However, they also link to your website. The trick here is that most directories require you to enter your address, phone number, and other contact information. This helps you create more of a presence in your local area. Also, if your directories are, or become outdated, be sure to update them.

#2: Add Localized Content

You likely have some mention of your local area on your website. However, create pages for your services targeted toward your local area. You can also simply update your current pages to reflect your locale. For a plastic surgeon, this may include titling their tummy tuck page, “Tummy Tuck Houston”.

#3: Use Local Hashtags On Instagram

Most cities have local hashtags. These hashtags, especially more specific ones are easier to capture the featured spots in. Plus, they drive local followers versus followers outside of your area.

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