3 Online Marketing Tips For Local Businesses

Online marketing may seem like an impossible task with thousands upon thousands of websites and search results. However, one of the most effective ways to market your local plastic surgery business online is by focusing on the internet and searchers in your local area. How can you do this? Here are 3 online marketing tips for local business and plastic surgery practices from realdrseattle®.

#1: Create Localized Content

The content on a plastic surgery website typically looks at procedures that can technically be performed anywhere. However, if you localize these procedures and use keywords such as “Houston breast augmentation” or “Minneapolis tummy tuck” you are more likely to rank for these keywords, as well as the generalized tummy tuck term. Your blog is also a great asset for localized content. Do you or your staff take part in charity events? Does a patient have a connection to the local art scene? Tell these stories and create a presence within your community.

#2: Seek Out Local Media

Getting featured in the local media is not always easy. But, there are a few ways that you can seek out coverage. The first is through press releases. Optimizing press releases with local keywords can boost your local SEO while piquing the interest of local news sources. Additionally, sending these releases to local media sources directly, increases your chances of being covered. Also, subscribing to services like HARO is a free way to earn media and gain authority.

#3: Optimize Your Website For Mobile

What does mobile optimization have to do with local SEO? Many local search queries use a phone’s location services feature when searching. For example, a potential patient may type in “lip filler near me”. If you have not optimized your website from mobile, once they click on your website, they may click off because it is too difficult to navigate or broken. Fixing this can bring you in more local leads.To learn more about local SEO for plastic surgeons, call us at 206-787-0784 or submit an inquiry online via chat or contact form.

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