3 Known Google Ranking Factors

Google is notoriously quiet about what exactly their ranking factors are. However, they will often offer some confirmation or hints. Some SEO savvy marketers have also discovered some through experimentation. Here are 3 known Google ranking factors.

#1: External Links

Also known as backlinks, if you have a number of good quality websites linking to yours, Google will value your website above others with fewer or lower quality links. This is why you will often see a focus on obtaining backlinks and why there are even companies out there that sell low quality links. This is not a valid strategy because Google usually catches on and penalizes websites that use these strategies.

#2: Mobile Usability

With the majority of web searches now happening on a mobile device, Google favors websites that cater to mobile users, especially when adhering to a mobile first philosophy. If your website is not usable or look good on mobile, this will increase bounce rates and overall hurt your rankings across devices.

#3: Loading Speed

If your website does not load quickly, people are less likely to stick around, especially when exploring products or services that they do not need immediately. Thus, it is best to invest in making your website load within three seconds. This reduces bounce rates, increases traffic, and creates a better user experience.

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