3 Google Tools Ideal For Digital Marketing

3 Google Tools Ideal For Digital Marketing

Google—as the leading search engine—offers many tools to help improve your SEO and general website quality. You likely are already familiar with Google Analytics and Google Ads, but there are several other tools to make use of for your digital marketing strategy. Here are three Google tools ideal for digital marketing.

#1: Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool for helping to gauge how Google crawlers see your website. It helps you monitor, maintain, and improve your website presence on Google. You can also sign up to receive alerts for certain indexing issues or major issues that the crawlers may detect. This is an essential tool for your technical SEO.

#2: Google Developers

If you are interested in boosting your online presence with custom APIs or software, Google Developers allows your developers to build these within the Google schema. You can also browse existing existing and open source APIs and software.

#3: Google Forms

Google Forms allows you to create custom surveys and forms. This can be helpful for gaining leads, learning from your existing customers, and simply a convenient way to quickly create an online form.

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