3 Facebook Ads Mistakes You May Be Making

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Facebook Ads is a platform that uses Facebook and Instagram to run ads to your target audience. Unlike traditional search engine ads, Facebook Ads uses visual components so that it fits in—but also stand out—among the typical social media feed. Here are 3 Facebook Ads mistakes you may be making.

#1: Not Using Videos

Photos and graphics are eyecatching, but the movement associated with video causes more people to stop scrolling and watch or interact with the ad. Therefore, while all of your ads should not be videos, it is a waste of money and time to not use videos on Facebook Ads.

#2: Not Taking Advantage Of Facebook’s Powerful Demographics

One of the major benefits of advertising on Facebook is that it has demographic features that search engine ads simply do not. For example, you can show ads to people with certain occupations or who like certain pages. Not taking advantage of this can make your ads too broad. However, you also do not want to narrow the scope too much as well.

#3: Not Paying Enough Attention

While it may be convenient to set your ads and forget about them, this is a mistake that can cost you money. If the ads are ineffective or not performing, you may not know. It is best to check on them at least a few times a week to ensure no problems and identify ads or ad sets that may need to be edited.

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