3 Elements Of Good Website Content

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Website is an important—though often overlooked—part of your online presence and marketing. Investing in good content can be just as powerful as good Pay Per Click ads. Our content marketing and SEO experts discuss 3 elements of good website content.

#1: Provides Value

Content is pointless if it does not provide some sort of value to the website visitor. It should either inform, entertain, or otherwise engage the visitor. In the plastic surgery and medical spa space, education is key to valuable content. Answering frequently asked questions and information through your unique point of view is not only important to your potential patients, but also now to Google. Google records how valuable a user finds your page. If they do not find it useful, it will rank lower.

#2: Keywords, But Not Too Many

Identifying keywords for each piece of content created can help you rank higher. However, these keywords should be diverse, specific, and pertinent to your audience. Then, when writing the content, use the keywords, but do not stuff them unnaturally or willy-nilly into the article. For a blog post that is only a few hundred words, you may only use your keywords a few times. That is okay. Making sure you use it in a new way is the most important part.

#3: Be Sure To Include Links

Links—both internal and external—are helpful to users and search engine crawlers. Including links does not have to be tedious as long as you are writing something relevant to the website and your industry. Internal links are a must and outbound links are nice to have, but not necessary for every single blog post.

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