Why Your Plastic Surgery Practice Needs To Be Using PPC Marketing

Before the internet revolutionized marketing and created a whole new type of advertising, digital marketing, plastic surgeons largely relied on word of mouth and physical ads. Physical advertising could include newspaper or magazine ads, a phone book listing, professional referrals, or even billboards. While this type of marketing can still bring in new plastic surgery clients, digital marketing reaches more people more effectively.Pay-Per-Click advertising is a type of digital advertising that places ads in search engine results or social media feeds. Unlike traditional marketing avenues where anyone who reads the paper will see your ad, digital marketing is much more targeted towards people who will convert. It also reaches a much wider audience. Here are the top three reasons why your plastic surgery practice needs to be using PPC marketing:

#1: Plastic Surgery PPC Targeting

As mentioned, plastic surgery PPC ads offer the opportunity to target your ads towards people already interested in plastic surgery. For example, if your Boston-based practice has a breast augmentation ad, you may choose to have the ad appear for the search query “breast augmentation in Boston”. Web users who are searching “breast augmentation in Boston” are already considering breast augmentation in Boston, something your practice can fulfill.On social media, this targeting is refined even more. Since many social media users provide information such as their occupation, relationship status, age, and the topics they like, Facebook and other platforms can target users based on these demographics as well.PPC beats out traditional advertising in this way. While there is some targeting that can be achieved through rigorous research and strategic ad placement, it is often more expensive and more work than Pay-Per-Click advertising.

#2: Your Competitors Are Using PPC

If you Google “plastic surgery” plus “city name” it is likely that you will see multiple ads for your competitors pop up. While some plastic surgeons worry that PPC ads will not pay off, their competitors continue to profit from PPC ads.At realdrseattle®, we build strong PPC ads that will catch the attention of web searchers. Google’s algorithm will place them in front of web searchers and realdrseattle®’s ad copy will do the rest in bringing patients to your plastic surgery practice website. You can get better results with a full website design from realdrseattle®.

#3: Supplement Website Ranking

Your practice may already rank high for many plastic surgery keywords that you may consider placing PPC ads on. However, 46% of search result clicks go to the first three ad results. The further you go on page one, the less likely your website result will be clicked on. Therefore, placing ads on these keywords can make your website appear twice in search rankings. This makes it even more likely that a potential patient will click on your site before your competitors.Plastic surgery PPC is a nuanced skill that requires expert management. At realdrseattle®, our Pay-Per-Click advertising professionals know how to make the most of any advertising budget. Whether you have an existing PPC campaign or want to start one, realdrseattle® are the plastic surgery PPC specialists.Call us at 206-787-0784 or contact us online to find out how realdrseattle® can take your plastic surgery PPC marketing to the next level.

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