Why Responsive Web Design Is Good For SEO

Website design and SEO may seem like two different entities when referring to building a cosmetic surgery website. However, a good and responsive website goes a long way when establishing an SEO strategy. At realdrseattle®, we focus on building websites that are responsive and attractive to drive conversions and leads to your cosmetic surgery practice. So, why is responsive web design good for SEO?The answer to this question is mainly that Google and other search engines do not like broken pages and elements. If aspects of your website are hard to navigate or broken, Google’s crawlers will notice this. For example, if a web page contains broken links or a video, Google may start to rank it lower than your competitors. If a page a webpage breaks altogether, Google will surely notice this as well.Therefore, our web developers and designers work to make sure that every aspect of your website functions properly and well. If elements break, we will continue to maintain this and rectify any issues that continue with a cosmetic surgery marketing plan that includes ongoing maintenance of your website. Keep your website responsive and Google will rank you higher. The best way to do this is to seek out a cosmetic surgery marketing company like realdrseattle®. To learn more about why responsive web design is good for SEO and to get a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also connect with us online via chat or contact form.

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