Why Google Changes Your Title Tags & What You Can Do About It

Why Google Changes Your Title Tags & What You Can Do About It

Title tags refer to the clickable blue title in search results. This is typically customizable in most content management systems–either directly or through plug-ins. Therefore, when creating content, it is recommended to set your title tag and make it more SEO-friendly. However, Google does not always show the title tag you entered. Let’s look into why Google changes your title tags and what you can do about it.

After Google scans your page, it may accept the entered title tag, or it may create one that it believes is better for clicks. However, depending on the age of your page and other factors, there are other factors to why Google changes the title tags. For example, if you change the title tag on an older page, it may take several weeks to see the change because Google will need to recrawl the page. Even when submitting sitemaps daily, Google can take time to accept and reflect the update.

If you have waited a few weeks and Google has not accepted your title tag, there are a few things you can do. First, try making a minor change to the tag, or make a change and revert it and resave the page. Sometimes, Google just needs to recrawl the page. Similarly, submitting the sitemap can help. If it simply will not accept it, try changing it altogether.

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