When To Report Or Delete Online Reviews

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Online reviews are the backbone of your business. Good and bad reviews can make or break both your SEO and reputation. Therefore, it is important to keep a watchful eye on all of your reviews across platforms. However, when it is the right time to report or delete online reviews that may be hurting your business? Our experts give some advice on when to report or delete online reviews.

#1: Fraudulent Reviews

Occasionally, reviews will come in that are obviously fraudulent. Either they are from someone who did not even interact with your business, an ex-employee, or someone who had some other interaction with your business, but was not a customer. These reviews are usually fairly easy to get removed on most platforms. On Google, if you report it and mark it as someone who is not a customer, they will often remove it without too much trouble. Though, sometimes, it can be more of a process.

#2: Abusive/Aggressive Reviews

Even real reviews can become aggressive or abusive to the point that removal or reporting them may be necessary. Usually, reporting these reviews will get them taken down quite easily. However, sometimes, if it does not use certain language, it may be more difficult to address these and it may require working closely with the review platform.

#3: Legal Reasons

There are times when writing a bad review may be legally culpable. While this is rare with most businesses, it can happen and in these cases, it may require working with your legal team, the reviewer, and the platform.

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