When Should A Business Focus On Global SEO?

When Should A Business Focus On Global SEO?

Today, most businesses do some sort of SEO marketing and strategy building. This is either generalized or local SEO. Often, a combination of both. However, there is also an SEO focus known as global SEO. Not all businesses should focus on global SEO. In fact, most should not invest in global SEO. So, when should a business focus on global SEO?

The best example of when a business should focus on global SEO is when they ship products around the world. In these cases, they may consider doing the following:

  • Create country/language specific websites
  • Do keyword research for multiple countries
  • Establish marketing teams in different countries/languages
  • Run differing and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Research cultural differences that may impact marketing campaigns

Of course, there are several other factors of global SEO that should be considered when investing in a global SEO strategy. Other examples of companies that may benefit from global SEO marketing are those who are worldwide such as major food brands, certain banks and credit card companies, and tourist attractions.

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